An optimal filtration system
for above-ground pools

Clean and clear water is the number one criterion for a pleasant swim. This is why the filtration of your pool water is essential, in order to enjoy clean water without risk to your health and that of your family.

To effectively remove impurities and sanitize swimming water,
each Zodiac Original pool kit includes:

1 sand filter
1 filtration pump
1 floating skimmer (or 2 depending on the size of the pool)

picto filter

How does the Zodiac Original filtration system work?

When the filter pump is running, the water passes through the filter from the top to the bottom and the filtering charge, composed of sand, filters the impurities contained in the water by a natural sieving action.

Did you know that?

To operate efficiently, your sand filter must be cleaned regularly.
Find all our pieces of advice for the maintenance and cleaning of your Zodiac Original equipment.

The floating skimmer, a patented Zodiac Original innovation.

Design and practical, the floating skimmer is composed of a broom and its basket. It automatically adapts to the water level and waves, and works without disturbing the bathing. Its function is to suck up leaves and other impurities that are floating on the surface of the water.

To know how to install your floating skimmer, follow the assembly instructions of your OVLINE, WINKY or HIPPO pool.

picto attention

Salt chlorinators should not be used in Zodiac Original pools.

The filtration pumps are dimensioned to meet the requirements of recycling the water in your pool according to their water volume. Their flow rate varies between 6 and 11 m³/h depending on your pool model.

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