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With 3 models and 10 sizes of Zodiac Original pools available, the choice can be difficult! It all depends on your desires and the available ground space in your property. Ovline, Winky or Hippo: which will be the pool of your dreams?
Find all our pieces of advice in our dedicated section " Choosing your pool ".

French standard :Regardless of its size, if your Zodiac Original pool is installed for less than 3 months of the year,you do not need to take any administrative steps, unless:

  • You are in the perimeter of a heritage site.
  • You are in the vicinity of a historical monument.
  • You are in a protected area.
  • You are on a classified site or a site in the process of being classified.

However, if your Zodiac Original pool is installed for more than 3 months per year, you must file a work declaration in the following cases (French standard):

  • The surface of your pool exceeds 10 m² and its height exceeds one meter
  • Your pool is located less than 3 meters from your property line.


Find more information on the rules in force on the official website for information and administrative procedures: https: //

You should also check with your local town hall to make sure that there are no local planning regulations.

Any pool is considered as a real estate and therefore subject to property tax. Article 14 of the General Tax Code requires that the construction be declared within 90 days of completion. Pools that are installed for less than three months of the year are not taxable and therefore do not require prior authorization.

Before installing a pool, however, check with your local city hall.

A pool is a place of joy and fun, but it is also a place that requires vigilance, especially for young children or anyone who cannot swim.

If your Zodiac Original pool is installed above-ground, it is not subject to any specific regulations regarding the safety of bathers, since its height exceeds 1.10 m and it is equipped with a liftable safety ladder.
However, to avoid accidents and enjoy your pool in peace, adopt good habits, establish rules for all users and supervise swimming: never leave a child to swim alone.

As a homeowner, you have the most important role in reminding people of the safety rules.
Find all our pieces of advice for serene usage  of your Zodiac Original pool in the dedicated section and in the assembly instructions for your pool, downloadable here.

The assembly of your Zodiac Original pool can be done by two people and does not require any specific tools or professional skills. On a previously prepared site, the installation can be done in 3 to 6 hours, depending on the model.
Discover step by step the installation of a Zodiac Original pool in our video our section dedicated to the installation of your pool.

Find all our pieces of installation advice in your pool's leaflet.

The choice of the location of your pool is essential for an optimal installation and use of your pool in time. Find all our  trips and tricks in the section " Installation".

The ground on which your pool rests must be flat, firm, stable, smooth and horizontal. A ground without any hole or bump is essential to avoid any alteration of the pool's shape, size and appearance, which could damage it. The pool fabric must always be placed on a rot-proof rot-proof floor mat (never place the pool directly on the ground).

For more details, don't forget to consult your pool's leaflet, which can be downloaded here.


Pool maintenance can be quick and easy if done regularly with the right equipment. Find all our cleaning advice in the dedicated "Maintenance" section.

For optimal maintenance, please refer to the instruction leaflet of your Winky, Ovline or Hippo pool.

Thanks to its unique water circulation system, your Zodiac Original Winky or Ovline pool heats itself! You can also install a heat pump, which will allow you to enjoy your pool longer, regardless of its size.

To know everything about the heating of your pool, go to the dedicated section

A cleaning robot is very useful and can be used in your Zodiac Original pool.

Find all our pieces of advice for the maintenance and cleaning of your pool in the "Maintenance" section.

For more details, please refer to your pool's instruction leaflet.

For a pleasant bathing experience, water quality is essential. It is therefore important to use the right analysis tools and effective products.

Find all our pieces of advice and best practice guides for effective water treatment in the dedicated section.

If you notice that the pool is sinking and the ends are rising, it is necessary to inflate the air bladder.
This operation must be done every 2 or 3 months (depending on use and weather conditions). It is completed when air bubbles escape from the holes.
Always add air to the tubes until it escapes through the holes before putting water back into the pool.

For Winky and Ovline pools, the liner should never be filled with water only, as this could cause the fabric to tear (too much mechanical stress).
However, you can reduce the difference in height of the liner by reducing the air pressure in the liner.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

When the swimming season comes to an end, you have two options:

  • You can dismantle your Zodiac Original pool. It's as easy as assembling it, see our video tutorial here.
  • You can proceed to the winterizing of your pool. This operation must be carefully carried out to maintain a good water quality and to facilitate the restart of your pool, the following spring. Find all our pieces of advice in the dedicated section.

NB: If you keep your pool mantled all year round, it must always remain in water; it  doesn't fear frost. You must never leave it empty ( in which case the guarantee is excluded).

Each Zodiac Original pool is made from ultra-resistant materials that resist tearing and weathering, using a patented industrial process that guarantees quality and durability. To find out more, read about our pools in detail. Tests are carried out to guarantee the strength and assembly of the fabric.

Its life span depends on its use and its regular and conscientious maintenance. To fully enjoy your pool, and for a long time, find all our pieces of advice for the maintenance and protection of your pool, for filtration and water treatment.

You will also find all pieces of our advice on the use and the maintenance of your pool in the assembly instructions supplied during your purchase. You can download it here.

Purchase and delivery

We have thought of everything, so that you can enjoy your pool quickly! The packaging allows the kit elements to pass through a standard door opening. Installation is possible even in hard-to-reach areas. Packaging dimensions :
  • Model Winky 4  : 1 pallet (1,20 x 0,80 x 1,75 m - 150 kg)
  • Model Winky 5/105: 1 pallet (1,20 x 0,80 x 1,90 m - 200 kg)
  • Model Winky 5/120: 1 pallet (1,20 x 0,80 x 1,90 m - 240 kg)
  • Model Winky 6: 1 pallet (1,20 x 0,80 x 1,93 m - 270 kg)
  • Model Winky 8: 1 pallet (1,83 x 0,83 x 2,04 m - 400 kg)
  • Model Ovline 2000: 1 pallet (1,20 x 0,80 x 1,90 m - 200 kg)
  • Model Ovline 3000: 1 pallet (1,83 x 0,83 x 1,80 m - 290 kg)
  • Model Ovline 4000: 1 pallet (1,83 x 0,83 x 2,04 m - 420 kg)
  • Model Hippo 40 : 2 pallets (1,20 x 0,80 x 0,60 m) and (1,83 x 0,83 x 1,84 m) - 475 kg
  • Model Hippo 65 : 2 pallets (1,20 x 0,80 x 1,30 m and 1,83 x 0,83 x 1,84 m) - 620 kg
And how do I mantle it? It's also very easy! Go here  to learn more.


The Zodiac Original liner (Dynalon® pocket) is guaranteed for 5 years. The filtration and equipment are guaranteed for 2 years. For more details, contact our distributor.

Your pool is designed to resist corrosive agents. If you accidentally damage it and find a small hole, you can use the repair kit provided with your pool. It contains fabric samples and glue to repair the walls or the pool.

In case of a leak, to avoid having to drain the pool, place a small amount of this glue on the tip of your finger and run it over the hole. This glue only works in a wet environment: let the water drain from the hole as it will help the glue to solidify.

If the hole is over water, water thoroughly as you spread the glue and hold a light pressure for a few seconds.

If you'd like to order a new repair kit, it's available from our distributors under reference P4699. It contains 2 grey/blue 20 cm diameter patches + glue + Teflon.

For bigger repair, do not hesitate to ask for advice from one of our distributors. Remember to take a picture and always bring the invoice.

You are a private individual and have purchased the pool from one of our distributors: for any complaint, we invite you to contact the latter.

If you are a professional distributor of our products:
please contact the CF Group France customer service.

You are a professional who wishes to distribute our products:
we invite you to manifest yourself by sending a message via our Contact page.