Aglobal and sustainable commitment

Zodiac Original is a brand of CF group, a major player in the world of swimming pools.
CF group is by its very essence committed to the sustainable treatment of the planet's drinking water and strives to find global solutions in all areas of the company, which preserve resources. The reduction of our energy consumption and the production of our own electricity is an important part of our approach, which is accompanied by daily actions:

Self-sufficient plants

Factories and buildings resolutely turned towards self-sufficiency

Our buildings tend to use more electricity from solar panels. In the same way, some buildings are equipped with locks to optimize heating.

Sustained electric mobility

(car fleet in transition to electric cars, charging stations available at each of our sites)

Eco-responsible aquaponics projects

for an ultra-short production-consumption cycle for the catering area in Wendlingen, Germany

Maximized waste recycling

(5-fluxes to be sorted out, recycling of industrial waste).

Rail logistics

reducing greenhouse gases.