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Swim, vibrate, play...
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The HIPPO Zodiac Original rectangular pool will satisfy your desire for space and freedom. Its rectangular shape and proportions make it a perfect fit with contemporary pool design. The HIPPO pool is particularly appealing to families and sports enthusiasts who want to swim laps or practice team water sports. The largest above-ground pool in the collection, Zodiac Original is available in two sizes (7.70 m x 11.80 m and 8.20 m x 16.55 m). Sunbathers and relaxation enthusiasts won't be left out in the cold thanks to its generous, wide rim. In your garden, dare to go big for a budget that's out of all proportion to a traditional pool.

A spacious rectangular pool,
with many possibilities

Hippo pool diagram

The rectangular structure of the basin naturally balances the pressures: the water pressure in the pool 4 is balanced by the water pressure in the flange 5. This ensures an unmatched  reliability when installing and using the pool.

Swimmers are particularly fond of the HIPPO above-ground pool, which offers them a beautiful swimming area for daily practice during the swimming season.

To enjoy swimming  even longer during the year, we recommend covering the pool with a summercover. To have even more comfort and to extend the period of usage, you can also equip your Zodiac Original pool with a heat pump.

For those who wish to leave their HIPPO pool in place all year round, you can protect it with a special winter cover weighted around the edge.

Your garden becomes a real aquatic paradise, for the young and the older!

Advantages of Zodiac winky pool
Read the video on Zodiac winky pool advantages
Advantages of Zodiac winky pool
Read the video on Zodiac winky pool advantages
Advantages of Zodiac winky pool
Read the video on Zodiac winky pool advantages

A nice size pool without a big construction site

The HIPPO Zodiac Original rectangular pool is very easy to install and requires no concrete slab. Installation takes place on flat, stable ground, preferably on a layer of packed sand covered with rot-proof carpet pad, to protect the pool from ground imperfections.

Enjoy a top-of-the-range, long-lasting above-ground pool: the HIPPO pool is extremely robust and resistant to weathering, tearing and abrasion thanks to its unique Dynalon© material.

Many organizations (B&Bs, guest houses, campgrounds, communities) trust HIPPO Zodiac Original pools to equip their leisure areas or for temporary events. 

Find all our expert advice on installing, protecting and maintaining your HIPPO rectangular pool in the dedicated section.

Assembly view of a Hippo pool

technical characteristics
2 models

 * Data for information purposes only, subject to change. The water height is 10-15 cm from the top of the structure.
** Approximate time for 2 people. Does not take into account the preparation of the ground, nor the filling of the pool.
Find our experts' advice on the assembly of your HIPPO pool

Composition of the HIPPO swimming pool kit

Zodiac Original Pool

Zodiac Original Pool

including: The Dynalon® basin + 1 belt + 1 pair of plugs + 1 ¼ turn valve + 1 spline fitting

View of the Winky pool kit

Floating skimmer

1 or 2 floating skimmers depending on the model

View of the Winky pool kit

Filtration plate

including: 1 filtration pump + 1 sand filter + 1 sand bag + the flexible connections between the pump and the filter

Pool products

Cover and winder

Summer cover and its reel

As it is isothermal, it avoids heat loss by limiting evaporation and naturally heats your pool thanks to the rise in temperature of the air trapped in the bubbles.
Pool news illustration

Winter cover

A navy blue coated canvas cover with water ballast, ideal to protect your Zodiac Original pool in the winter.

Heat pump

Our heat pumps are ideally designed to keep the water in the pool at the selected temperature (reversible hot/cold mode). In this way, you can enjoy your Zodiac Original pool even longer during the season at an ideal swimming temperature.
Thibaude Winky

Underlay / groundsheet

A protective layer for the pool cover against ground imperfections.
Acc_Produits_for maintenance_400x300

Cleaning products

Products which are specially designed to maintain your Zodiac Original pool and to preserve its lifetime.

Water treatment products

A complete range of products created by our Chemoform experts to keep your water clear, healthy and pleasant to swim in.


Hippo pool manual

leaflet HIPPO 40

leaflet HIPPO 65

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