A pool which is both
welcoming and safe

Safety is essential to making your swimming experience a unique and enjoyable one. That's why a Zodiac Original pool has no metal structures or sharp edges. Its round shapes, as well as the smooth, solid and wide wall of the flange protect children from possible injuries.Inflation cover also completes the protection.

Installation of an above-ground pool :
what do the French regulations say?

When installed above-ground, the height of the Zodiac Original pools creates a sufficient obstacle to meet the requirements of the French law on the safety of private pools (height of more than 1.10 m between two support points) and the access ladder, which can be raised, prevents access by young children.

Have a stress-free summer, but remember: active adult supervision is still essential to ensure the safety of young swimmers.

No matter which size it has, if your Zodiac Original pool is installed for less than 3 months of the year, you don't have to do any official declaration (French standard)! However, local urban planning regulations (local urban plan or local map) may impose specific rules.

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