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Being sober and current,
its perfectly balanced design is unanimously appreciated.

The OVLINE oval pool Zodiac Original is the ideal model for the whole family. Its oval shape is reminiscent of a traditional pool. Its 3 sizes allow you to take full advantage of your pool and adapt to the different dimensions of outdoor spaces. With this elongated shape, you can enjoy several areas: while children play on one side, adults relax at the other.

Aself-heating OVAL family pool

Ovline pool diagram

Thanks to its unique water circulation system, the Zodiac Original OVLINE pool coil acts as a heat exchanger. The air contained in the coil, heated by the sun, rises in temperature and contributes to warm the water inside the coil, which will then be pumped back into the pool. As a result, the temperature of the water rises faster.

Advantages of Zodiac winky pool
Read the video on Zodiac winky pool advantages
Advantages of Zodiac winky pool
Read the video on Zodiac winky pool advantages
Advantages of Zodiac winky pool
Read the video on Zodiac winky pool advantages

The advantages of a traditional pool without its disadvantages

Easy to assemble and dismantle in just a few hours, the OVLINE oval freestanding pool requires no special administrative procedures if installed less than 3 months of the yearregardless of size! Nor does it require a concrete slab: a simple, flat, stable surface covered with a layer of rammed sand and then a carpet pad is all that's needed.

an oval above-ground pool that stands the test of time

Zodiac Original above-ground pools are extremely resistant to wear and weather, thanks to their unique patented manufacturing process Zodiac Original.
Season after season, share unforgettable swimming moments.

Find our experts' advice on the installation, protection and maintenance of your OVLINE pool in the dedicated section.

View of an Ovline pool Zodiac Original

technical specifications

* Data subject to change. The water height is 10-15 cm from the top of the structure.
** Approximate time for 2 people. Does not take into account the preparation of the ground, nor the filling of the pool.
Find our experts' advice on the installation of your OVLINE pool 

Composition of the Ovline SWIMMING POOL kit

Zodiac Original Pool

Zodiac Original Pool

including: The Dynalon® basin + 1 belt + 1 pair of plugs + 1 ¼ turn valve + 1 spline fitting

View of the Winky pool kit

Filtration plate

including: 1 filtration pump + 1 sand filter + 1 sand bag + flexible connections between pump and filter

Pool products

Cover and winder

Summer cover and its reel

As it is isothermal, it avoids heat loss by limiting evaporation and naturally heats your pool thanks to the rise in temperature of the air trapped in the bubbles.
Pool news illustration

Winter cover

A navy blue coated canvas cover with water ballast, ideal to protect your Zodiac Original pool in the winter.

Heat pump

Our heat pumps are ideally designed to keep the water in the pool at the selected temperature (reversible hot/cold mode). In this way, you can enjoy your Zodiac Original pool even longer during the season at an ideal swimming temperature.
Thibaude Winky

Underlay / groundsheet

A protective layer for the pool cover against ground imperfections.
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Cleaning products

Products which are specially designed to maintain your Zodiac Original pool and to preserve its lifetime.

Water treatment products

A complete range of products created by our Chemoform experts to keep your water clear, healthy and pleasant to swim in.


Ovline swimming pool manual

leaflet OVLINE 2000

leaflet OVLINE 3000

leaflet OVLINE 4000

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